Student Groups & Activities

Yale students are active and engaged in hundreds of student groups and activities. Looking to participate? Find clubs and organizations that appeal to your interests, and read helpful guidelines and policies.

McDougal Graduate Student Center

A center for student life and programs for graduate students and their families, the McDougal Graduate Student Center is housed in restored spaces at HGS. McDougal Fellows plan activities year-round.

Graduate & Professional Student Center at Yale (GPSCY)

Established in 1972, the GPSCY is a graduate and professional student social center housing Gryphon’s Pub, a 21+ establishment on the first floor, and meeting rooms and social spaces for student events upstairs. It is overseen by the Graduate and Professional Student Senate and run by student managers.

Graduate & Professional Affiliate Program with the Residential Colleges

Participating residential colleges invite Yale graduate and professional degree-seeking students to apply to become non-residential affiliates. The Affiliate Program allows graduate and professional students to become involved with one of the undergraduate colleges as mentors and program planners.