Health & Wellness

Yale prides itself on the breadth and depth of its academic and social community. In order for students, post-docs, and scholars to benefit from the university’s offerings, they must also have the tools necessary for staying physically, mentally, and spiritually healthy. Below are resources that support student health and wellness at Yale.

Alcohol Policy and Resources

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Harm Reduction Initiative’s website hosts Yale alcohol policies and provides information on safe alcohol consumption, campus resources, and emergency services.  

Mental Health

Mental health is critical to all students’ well-being, and there are a variety of resources at Yale to ensure students receive the care and support they need. Yale Health’s Mental Health & Counseling department offers services to Yale College, graduate, and professional students. The department also offers online mental health screenings free of charge to the Yale student community. Many other organizations, including those led by students, promote mental health and wellness throughout the Yale community.

Sexual Conduct

Sexual misconduct policies, emergency resources, and information about Title IX are available for students at the links below.

Student Wellness at Yale website

Visit to find information about a variety of wellness resources both on campus and in New Haven.

Emergency Management

Sign up for Yale Alerts, learn about campus closings, and find out how to prepare in the event of an emergency. 

Resource Office on Disabilities

Yale is committed to making a campus that is accessible to all students. The Resource Office on Disabilities ensures students have the accommodations and resources necessary for their health and success.

Public Safety

Yale is located in the heart of a vibrant urban community, with all the arts, culture, and rich diversity of experience that city life brings. With city living, it is important to take steps to stay safe, and Yale invests in significant public safety resources. Campus safety is the primary job of the Yale Police and Security Departments. The links below provide information about public safety services and resources at Yale, including those related to environmental health and safety. 

Chaplain's Office

The Yale Chaplain’s Office provides pastoral care to individuals and the Yale community in times of crisis; supports the flourishing of Religious and Spiritual Communities; educates students on faith-related topics; and hosts interfaith student groups and events.

Graduate & Professional School Student Resources

Graduate and Professional School students can find information specific to family health resources, dental and eye care, and childcare here. 

Local Pharmacies

A number of local pharmacies are available to the New Haven community.