Community Service

A Yale education emphasizes the importance of learning for public service. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities at Yale and in New Haven that will allow you to connect with the surrounding community and make an impact during your time here.

Dwight Hall

Founded by undergraduates in 1886, Dwight Hall at Yale is an independent, nonsectarian nonprofit umbrella organization. As the Center for Public Service and Social Justice, Dwight Hall reflects a diverse Yale student body and a strong history of social justice work in New Haven and beyond.  It is the largest campus-based student-run service organization in the country.

Community Service through Graduate Student Life (GSL) at the McDougal Center

Graduate Student Life (GSL) at the McDougal Center sponsors regular public service events, a day of service, and other volunteer opportunities. Sign up for McDougal Center e-newsletters for community service activities open to all graduate students and their spouses/partners. 

Chaplain’s Office

The Chaplain’s Office “Do a 180” and Spring Break Programs offer students opportunities to volunteer in New Haven with other Yale students.

Yale-New Haven Hospital

We live in a city that is home to one of the best healthcare facilities in the country. Find out how you can volunteer at Yale New Haven Hospital. 

Committee Overseeing Volunteer Services (COVS)

The Committee Overseeing Volunteer Services (COVS) is an interdisciplinary, student-driven committee that promotes the sustainability and quality of community-based, volunteer activities at the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and School of Public Health. 

Yale Day of Service

The Yale Day of Service is a yearly event organized by the Yale Alumni Association in which Yale Alumni come together to volunteer in their local communities. Current students and staff are also encouraged to participate in service opportunities in New Haven.

Volunteer in New Haven

Want to narrow your search to find opportunities that match your interests? Use one of these websites’ search tools to help discover volunteer positions that fulfill your passions. Yale’s Office of New Haven and State Affairs also maintains a list of volunteer resources and opportunities.