Courses & Registration

Students in Yale College, the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and the professional schools have various systems of course registration. Follow this link to locate course listings and registration information for each school.

Yale College

Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

School of Architecture

School of Art

Divinity School

School of Drama

Students in the School of Drama are pre-registered for classes in BANNER. Each student receives his or her course schedule to present to a faculty advisor for approval. Course schedules are then submitted in hard copy to the registrar. 

School of Engineering & Applied Science

Students in the School of Engineering and Applied Science are enrolled in either Yale College or the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, and therefore follow the registration processes of these schools. 

School of Forestry & Environmental Studies

Law School

Students in the Law School bid for courses during specified periods in the fall and spring using YLS:Courses. At the start of each term, students present themselves in person to  verify their enrollment eligibility and to fill out a registration form. During the first week of each term, students are given access to the online add/drop system in WebSIS, and can make adjustments to their pre-enrollment schedules. 

School of Management (SOM)

School of Medicine

First- and second-year students in the School of Medicine are pre-scheduled into courses which can be viewed in the BlueDogs calendar with a valid net ID. Third- and fourth-year students are scheduled into clerkships and electives through a lottery process. The links below provide information about the academic curriculum, academic resources, clerkships, electives, and student life at the School of Medicine.

School of Music

School of Nursing

School of Public Health

Institute of Sacred Music